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Residential Cleaning

The Cleaning Artists Toronto is at your service providing you a detailed cleaning positively for all your home cleaning needs! Book Today!

Small Office Cleaning

Our Office Cleaning Services include a wide range of products to help your business maintain that professional and clean image it deserves and needs. Book Today!

Property Management Cleaning

We invite you to contact us to see how our professional cleaning service can become a valuable asset to your property needs whether it be an Air Bnb or Residential building, give us a call!


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Is there anything The Cleaning Artists Toronto does not do?

Clutter -

We will work around any highly-cluttered areas to the best of our ability. Same goes with areas used for storage, like underneath beds and on top of cabinets. We are always happy to customize your cleaning service, so please let our office know if you'd like these types of things removed to clean under and behind. As long as they are within the boundaries of weight/height, we're happy to help!

Outdoor Areas -

Our equipment isn't designed for cleaning outside surfaces such as patios, decks, rough concrete floors, unfinished basements, garages, exterior windows, etc. If you can provide a broom, we'll be happy to sweep out any of those areas upon request.

Pet Messes/Body Fluids -

This includes, but is not limited to: litter boxes, pet messes, bird guano, blood, feces, urine, and overflowed toilets. Cleaning body fluids (including that of our furry friends) is something we do not do.

Mold -

Some amount of pink/orange mildew, or even darker mold, is common in some homes. Don't worry - we can clean small amounts of mold. Large amounts of mold in shower areas, on walls, etc. can affect air quality and pose a safety issue. We aren't able to clean in rooms that are heavily affected by mold, or in homes with heavy mold infestations.

Bugs -

We apologize that we aren't able to offer post-fumigation cleanings. We ask that any bug infestations or fumigation clean-ups are completed in their entirety before we enter a home.

Fireplaces -

The soot/ash from a fireplace will damage our equipment, especially our vacuums. Simply provide a broom and dust pan, and we'll be happy to sweep out the fireplace upon request.

Laundry -

We do not offer any laundry services such as ironing or washing/drying your items.

Carpet Cleaning - We do not offer carpet cleaning services.

Do I Need To Supply My Own Vacuum Or Cleaning Supplies?

We provide all cleaning equipment and supplies.

We may however upon booking as if you have a vacuum and mop for cleaning technicians to use in your home for recurring cleans.

Since Covid-19 has been a lingering virus in our world,

this ask was to lessen the transfer of allergens from client to client with our clients safety in mind. We can definitely supply vacuum and mop if needed. We are equipped with cleaning supplies to bring to each client. If you wish for specific or specialty type of product or cleaner for your home that we do not offer, please provide for the cleaning technicians.

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Are you Bonded and Insured?

Yes! We are a Licensed, Bonded and Insured Cleaning Service.

Do you conduct a background check on employees?

Yes! This is apart of our onboarding process before they become apart of our team.

Are your cleaning technicians paid a fair living wage?

Yes we pride ourselves in paying our cleaning technicians a fair living wage that is above the standard wage for Ontario.

Do you have a Guarantee?

Our Guarantee:

We back our commitment to giving you the clean you deserve. If you are not satisfied, we will fix it every time. We do not offer refunds, we have built our business providing our clients with the best possible service available, still, we realize that we are human, and things can happen from time to time, should this happen, email or call us within 24 hours & we will rectify the error at no charge.

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